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Nina Dobrev

Celebrity Divers

Skip the gym and hit the high seas! Scuba diving is the hot new workout Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Katie Holmes and Nina Dobrev love.
In fact, just 30 minutes of scuba diving can burn up to 400 calories for the average woman. Most diving excursions last about 30 to 45 minutes, so depending on the diver’s experience level and the type of dive, it’s not uncommon to burn 500+ calories during one workout.
Read the full story at Shape Magazine written by Jennipher Walters a certified personal trainer, lifestyle and weight management coach and group exercise instructor, she also holds an MA in health journalism and regularly writes about all things fitness and wellness for various online publications.

Source: New Celebrity Fitness Trend: Scuba Diving | Shape Magazine


Dive In New Look Blog

Jonathan and Chloe

Jonathan and Chloe

Welcome to Dive In. My name is Jonathan, I own and run the Dive Center along with daughter Chloe and my partner Debbie. Both Chloe and my self are instructors, whilst Debbie runs the office administration, accounts and shop sales.

Photo to the left of me & Chloe is of a 2015 campaign from PADI.

Dive In


At Dive in we just love diving, it’s great fun! Our planet is 70% water and yet most of us don’t experience that. So change your life today. Learn to dive!

We teach from Bubble Makers, Discover Scuba Diving, Scuba Divers, Open Water Divers  through to Advanced Level Divers, Rescue onto the Professional Route in Diving being, Dive Master, Assistant Instructor & Instructor.

During our main Season, April to November the team is expanded with a number of PADI Pro Instructors & Dive Masters who can speak and teach in a range of languages



New Years Resolutions

We have all made New Year’s resolutions at some point in our lives, it’s a nice tradition and gives us certain goals to reach

.Open Water

It’s not too late to add one more to your list. Why not this year make one of your resolutions to change your life and bring some adventure into it, along with experiencing the peaceful & amazing underwater world, meet new friends above and below the water. It’s easy, all you need to do is learn to Scuba Dive.

Scuba Diving has become an extremely popular & trendy activity with a lot of people, even amongst the stars for example, Tiger Woods, Kevin Costner, Tom Cruise, Kate Moss, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba & Sandra Bullock along with many more. And they all Scuba Dive for the following reasons;

  • It opens us up to a whole new world of meeting new people, it also gives us the opportunity to meet and experience a fantastic array of marine life and be part of their world.
  • The feeling of “weightlessness” is completely de stressing & relaxing, no mobiles or emails under water, so you cannot be disturbed, complete time out, which is why most people dive.
  • It helps us to keep fit by using all of our bodies muscles, even though it feels like you are not really working out you do burn calories, the fact that you are wearing a neoprene suit means you are sweating without realising it, and just by kicking your fins to pull you forward, it is using your bodies strength & stamina (cardio) all this without the hard work out you need to do in the gym, in fact PADI have been researching this and estimate that a 30 min shore dive in temperate water can  burn through as many as 300 calories, which is the same as jogging but with out the hard sweat!
  • Diving also teaches you new skills, how to put a set scuba gear together, how air and pressure change underwater and how you can adjust for this, you also learn around 20 signals underwater enabling you to communicate with your buddy and dive leader. These skills are great to learn for all ages, especially children (8 is the earliest you can learn to dive, in the swimming pool with the PADI Bubble Maker program, 10 is the minimum age you need to be to gain your first PADI certification level)

Drops Of Breath

Drops Of Breath is the first ever in the world underwater dance performance. The idea and concept has been brought together from Choreographers Sophie Bulbulyan (France) and Apostolia Papadamaki (Greece) in collaboration with Lia Haraki (Cyprus) and artists from 10 countries to  present an spectacular underwater dance-visual.

This first time underwater show was recently shown in one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean at Cape Sounion beach, the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon which is at the edge of Attica land looking over the Aegean Sea. There were 14 performers from France, Greece and Cyprus and Dive In Limassol had he great pleasure in being asked to sponsor the event along with training one of the dancers/underwater performers.

On the 1st November 2015 Dive In were invited to meet everyone involved and see the filmed version of the event shown at The Old Vinegar House in Limassol’s old town.

What is absolutely wonderful about the project is that it is inspiring to us all that anything can be possible if minds come together coupled with some hard work and determination.

2016 the project will hopefully be coming to Cyprus waters. Below is a trailer of the event.

Zenobia Week Conference

Fact – the development of Artificial Reefs is a must to restock dwindling fish life in Cypriot waters, as well as extending the tourist season for Cyprus, bringing more money into the economy and so making Cyprus a prosperous diving haven!

The recent Zenobia week conference on Artificial Reefs & The Financial Benefits for Cyprus was very interesting & informative with positive comments from all who attenZenobia Week Conferenceded.

Jonathan Wilson presented a brief but detailed presentation on what Cyprus has successfully put in place so far, and what needs to be done in the immediate future to secure Cyprus as a successful high ranking place in the tourism industry.


Cyprus in the last year and a half has sunk the following vessels;

  • Nemesis III in Poraras (2013)
  • Constandis & Lady Thetis in Limassol (2014)
  • Laboe in Paphos (2014
  • Kerynia in Ayia Napa (2015)

All vessels have proved to be successful on providing additional diving options for divers who travel to Cyprus, and of course for local Cypriot divers too! They have provided  fantastic homes for an array of marine life previously only seen on the Zenobia, for example, Grouper, Barracuda, Moray and Small Tuna. At least one Dive Center boat is on the wrecks everyday between March to November with 3 or more boats in high season But not only this, with the increased diving options it has brought in more spending to the local economy, in bars, restaurants and shops etc from divers and their family’s enjoying some relaxing holiday time and more local Cypriots now wanting to learn to dive and explore their own beautiful waters.

The project needs to keep flowing and move forward full steam ahead in order to secure what Cyprus has started to put in to place. This will continue to bring in more divers and their families and so increase local spending and supporting employment options for the Cypriots.

The Zenobia brings in an estimated €22m per year!  And we know is voted one of the top 10 wreck dive sites in The World, as well as the number one wreck dive in Europe!

This needs to be built on by;

  • Sinking a large wreck, ship, plane or drilling rig in Limassol waters to utilise the Historical Ancient Harbor (already a marine protected area). Jonathan talked about the drilling rig in Limassol Bay and that it is due to be scrapped.He suggested this would make a fantastic Artificial Reef for Cyprus. Be the largest Artificial Reef in Europe and attract huge extra diving tourism revenues.
Drilling Rig

Scarabeo Rig In Limassol Waiting To Be Scrapped!!

  • Prepare and sink other old obsolete objects, lorries, buses etc which lye in abundance around the island already.

    Zenobia Week Conference

    Question Time!

We believe at Dive In Limassol, that everyone in Cyprus, Dive Centres, Cyprus Tourist Board, Hotels & other Tourist Businesses & The Government needs to pull together and make Cyprus a MUST diving destination as Malta has done. It really is a small investment which will generate massive yearly returns.

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